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1. Installation-Create integration code

We are giving the most easy-to-go way to create integration code, you will be able to create more comprehensive code after creating the first one.

Installtion→ Add

Put the code name, which is whatever you like.
Choose the type of chat button, I prefer dynamic one.

Input “1” and “50” and choose “No”, then click on Next

Define the logo of your frontend chat-window, and then click on OK

Put something here, the content will display on the frontend, then click on Next

This option is not mandatory, you can just click on Next

This option is not mandatory, you can just click on Next

This option is not mandatory, you can just click on Next

Choose the method when all of your staff are offline

If you choose “Leave a message”, you will need to put your email address here, the offline message will be forwarded to your email.

2. Add Staff Account

Before adding staff account, you will need to create Department and Add Seat.
(After creating department, you can choose department name when adding staff account.
After adding seat, you can get privilege to creating staff account.)

Create Department

Staff→ Departments

Highlight your company name→ Add

Input your department name, such as Sales

Like this one.

Add Seats

Subscribe Now→ Add Seat(s)

Click on Add Seat(s)

Input 1 here to add one seat and click on save button

An invoice will be generated.

Tick the invoice and click on Pay Selected

Input the amount of the invoice and click on “Use the balance”(You have $100 in balance by default!)

You will see this. And then click on Pay button.

Payment done!

Let's add staff account now!

Staff→ Staff

Click on Add button

Notice: Put your own email in the E-mail column, the email address and password will be used to login the desktop software.
Click on “choose”, a dropdown list will be displayed, choose the department you created before.
Click on Ok button and DONE!

3. Instruction for Main function of Desktop Software

The layout design

Double click the new request to chat with the customer

Add Canned Message

Double click the message to put it into the chat room.
Hotkey: Ctrl+Enter to send the message to customer directly.

Add Canned URL